This young adult chapter book centers around the adventures of a Saint Bernard dog named Nüssbaum Neuenschwander, along with his animal friends and adversaries in the Swiss Alps. The story is family oriented and embedded with Swiss culture throughout, including traditions, athletic contests, and food. Told from the viewpoint of the animals, there is adventure, comedy, and suspense around every turn! (213pp. color illus. Masthof Press, 2021.)

About the Author:

Monty C. Peden is a retired teacher living in Indiana. He enjoys travel, creative arts, community involvement and the country life. An avid genealogist for over five decades, he teaches classes for beginners. He authored Anabaptist Families from Langnau Switzerland, 1749-1875, a research book for genealogists published by Mastof Press in 2003.

His children’s book, Nüssbaum Neuenschwanderin the Emmental , is a tribute to Swiss culture. Many of the character names are taken from Mr. Peden’s own Swiss ancestry.

Contact the Author :

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